Louisiana’s Fabrication Industry: An Overview of Its Top 3 Firms

Louisiana is home to some of the leading fabrication companies in the United States. These firms have contributed to the state’s economy, offering jobs and revenue. Their metalworking, welding, machining, and turnaround management expertise substantially shaped the state’s industrial outlook. Their ability to make complicated and tailored metal products has made them popular in numerous sectors involving oil and gas, aerospace, and construction.

But which fabrication firms took the top three spots?

Top 3 Fabrication Companies in Louisiana

Louisiana’s strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico and its well-developed transportation facilities make it suitable for fabrication firms. With so many fabrication companies in Louisiana, competition is intense, and only the most suitable can rise to the top.

Let’s take a deeper look at Louisiana’s leading three fabrication companies and their services.

1. Pipe & Steel Industrial

Pipe & Steel Industrial offers remarkable industrial solutions and pipe products. They’re recognized for their special customer services after two decades in the industry. Their talented team offer:

  • Fabrication Services: Its ASME code shop fabricates pipes and structural and custom components for numerous industries and purposes.
  • Turnaround Solutions: They handle emergency projects swiftly and well under duress.
  • Upkeep Support Services: They offer a plant maintenance service and assistance. Their structural and pipe stores help them fix maintenance concerns swiftly.
  • Company-Owned Tools: They have superior emergency devices. This helps in reducing the cost of frequently scheduled work.
  • Boiler and Superheater Work: They are making new boilers and superheaters to replace inefficient ones. This maintains up-to-date equipment and works well, reducing upkeep costs and downtime.

Pipe & Steel Industrial is equipped for upkeep assistance and specialized pipe and steel fabrication services.

2. Fabrication Services, Inc.

Fabrication Services, Inc. provides 50 years of specialized fabrication and metalworking.

They’re competent at steel fabrication for all clients. Their impressive service and fair pricing make them a trusted metalworking partner.

They offer:

  • Rolling Services: FSI provides cold and hot metal rolling solutions. Hot rolling enhances malleability and decreases stress, while cold rolling uses more force but generates great surface quality.
  • Forming Solutions: They mold and bend steel without melting it. They create durable, affordable parts with a punch-pressed metal sheet and a die.

FSI has the capability and devices to deliver high-grade steel components for hot or cold rolling, steel forming, and bending.

3. Delta Steel Inc.

Delta Steel is a family-owned structural metal fabrication and erection. Due to their project management, safety, and financial stability, they are among the industry’s top steel servicing companies. Delta Steel offers:

  • Fabrication: The American Institute of Steel Construction certified them as building fabricators, developing the standard for structural steel construction emphasizing error avoidance rather than rectification.
  • Steel Processing: They utilize innovative CNC cutting and drilling, plate burning, angle processing, and beam cambering to finish jobs on time for busy fabricators.
  • Erection: Their competent ironworkers and erectors can take care of even the most difficult steel erection jobs.
  • Detailing: Their skilled detailers use SDS/2 and BIM to create accurate shop drawings that fit every portion of steel throughout fabrication and construction.

Delta Steel Inc. has the competencies and tools to fabricate, erect, and detail steel parts safely and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Pipe & Steel Industrial, Fabrication Services, Inc., and Delta Steel, Inc. are among the top fabrication firms in Louisiana. Each company delivers distinct proficiency and technology to meet different steel fabrication requirements. This guide offers a quick overview of their services and capabilities to assist you in selecting which one to hire for your pipe and steel needs. Your decision will depend on your project requirements, finances, and schedule.